Coming Out As Transgender

It’s been over a year since my last major blog post on this website, and when I decided I wanted to continue creating new blogs like I used to, I knew the first topic had had be very important to me.

I first came out as a trans girl last year. It was after years of questioning and being afraid to admit the truth to myself. I was afraid about the reaction from all the transphobic people out there, I was also afraid of a potential bad reaction from my family. What would they think if they heard their son suddenly announcing that she was now a girl?

What helped me to finally admit I was trans after wishing for my whole life that I could be a girl was the realisation that I shouldn’t be focusing on what makes other people happy. I should be focusing on making myself happy. And if other people had any issue with that, then that was their issue and not mine.

I’ve now came out to most of my family and friends, and have had an overwhelmingly positive reaction. My friends, as well as most of my family, have been extremely supportive. Unfortunately, there has been the issue where I’ve had to cut out unsupportive family members, but most people have been accepting of my new name and pronouns.

I’ve also been officially on hormone medication for two months now and I couldn’t be happier. By also coming out as trans on my social media pages, I now feel I can truly be myself without feeling like I’ve had to hide anything from people. Before, my page was just “Autistic Questions”, now it’s “Autistic Questions With Lia”. It shows I’m a person, not just some brand name.

Sometimes I wonder to myself if there’s a connection between being autistic and being transgender. As an autistic person, I’ve never truly understood why society puts so much pressure for people to conform to gender roles and stereotypes. Why do people freak out if a boy wants to wear a dress? What’s the issue with girls taking an interest in things such as building?

Most of the transgender and non-binary people I’ve come to know and befriend over the years have also turned out to be autistic too. Many of whom have also gone against gender norms and expectations.

I’ve still got a long way to go in my journey. In some ways, it’s very exciting. In other ways however, I’m still very scared. Any time I mention being trans online puts me at risk of receiving lots of abuse just for being me. I’ve also still got certain areas in my personal life to come out in, such as my work environment.

In the future, I want to make some changes to this blog. Whilst the primary focus will always be autism, I also want to use this to help other transgender autistic individuals like me. I want to create content to help those who may be questioning their gender, or who may need help and support from a fellow trans peer/advocate.

Either way, I’m officially back and am ready to begin creating more content again. 🙂


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