Welcome to Autistic Questions

Welcome to Autistic Questions! An online support blog aimed at answering any question you may be having about autism!

As an autistic myself, my main aim is to create blog posts writing about autism from my own experience. Giving advice to other adult autistics, talking about traits of autism that aren’t as well-known or talked about, as well as helping parents with questions they may have about their children.

So, what is Autistic Questions?

I created this blog as a way to help autistic adults. With so much information on the internet dedicated to helping autistic children out there, I felt there needed to be a place for autistic adults to find the information they may need, and to answer the questions they may be having about themselves.

Additionally, I wanted to create a website that would help parents understand autism better, from an autistic person’s perspective. With those in mind, Autistic Questions was born!